Meet our Vendors


Our lineup for 2015 is still growing. Here are the vendors so far for the 2015 season!
  • C&T Produce - White Oak, VA farmer that brings a huge bounty of fresh produce each week.  Look out for the 4 big tents full of nature's goodies. 
  • Tom's Amish Cheese Store (Lancaster, PA) - Artisan Cheese and yogurt, farm-fresh eggs, and Pennsylvania honey.
  • St Elmo's Coffee Pub - Del Ray's legendary coffee pub has all the hot and iced coffee and iced tea you need to get you through the day, plus dog treats, biscotti, and other goodies.
  • Savory 'N Sweet (Alexandria) - Your local Bulgarian baker!  Maker of Savory and Sweet Breads, Breakfast Pastries, Fruit Pies, Breadsticks, and Granola.
  • SecondRising Bakery (Alexandria) - Rebecca bakes delicious breads and cookies that are egg free and made with real butter, honey, and whole grains. Once this new business is up and running, it will help provide women that have been victimized by the sex trade a second chance
  • She Peppers (Alexandria) - Backyard gardeners who have turned the peppers, vegetables, and herbs that we grow into delicious and unique bbq sauces, pepper sauces, hot sauces, dips, and rubs. She Peppers also sells seeds and seedlings of the various types of peppers, tomatoes, and herbs for patrons.
  • Sweetcentral Cupcakes (Springfield, VA) - Artfully crafted cupcakes in assorted sizes from Elda, plus other tasty new offerings this season! 
  • Selo Market & Eatery (Alexandria) - They combine locally grown products and worldly influence in everything they do. With a focus on detail and design the market represents their love and passion for food, from childhood memories to experiences traveling and living abroad. "Selo" means "village" to Matt and Joanna it also means home-grown and local, meant to be shared with family, friends and community.

    Crafts available on a rotating basis unless marked as all-season.  Here are some of our craft vendors:
    • Felicity's Handcrafted Soaps - (Alexandria) - All Season - This specialty crafter of hand-made soaps and knitted items will be at the market every other Sunday!
    • Marie Bergeron (Arlington) - Selling original oil paintings, giclee prints, cards, and handmade gentleman jewelry boxes. 
    • N'KETIAH Hand Dyed Tees and Fabrics (Woodbridge, VA) - New York transplant N'Ketiah sells hand-made tie-dye and batik fabrics and t-shirts in a huge array of colors.
    • Sun & Moon Accessories (Manassas) - All Season - handmade jewelry from mostly natural products (seeds, gems etc). hand sewn articles of clothing made from crotchet. Scarves and baby boots and hats. 
    • Charlette Marie Beauty (Centreville, VA) - A naturally effective, eco-friendly, line of handmade bath and body skin care goodies. Her products are made with bio-dynamic, natural botanical active ingredients.
    • Whitney's World, Kenya Microcrafts - Fair trade handmade baskets and jewelry from Kenya.
    • UncommonKnits (Leesburg) - Handwoven linens made with 100% cotton and hand-stitched hems for your kitchen, dining room and bath
    • Papazian Jewelry Designs (Alexandria) - Drawing on her background as a painter and sculptor, Diana Papazian finds inspiration for her jewelry designs in organic forms and phenomena. The themes in her hand crafted works often play upon the dualities of growth vs. decay and order vs. chaos. She favors materials, techniques, and tools that allow her to express her voice directly and naturally.