Friday, November 23, 2018

4MRMarket: Closed for Thanksgiving Weekend & Giving Thanks

The Four Mile Run Farmers & Artisans Market (4MRMarket) 
will be open every Sunday (except for holidays) from 9am until 1pm 
in Four Mile Run Park at 4109 Mt Vernon Avenue, Alexandria. 
(click here for directions)

4MRMarket is CLOSED this Sunday for a Thanksgiving Break!! 

Please enjoy your holiday and don't forget to #OptOutside! Community Compost Collection is also off for the week; check out the Saturday farmers market collection locations. We'll be back on December 2nd with a perfect way to enjoy a lovely Sunday morning at Four Mile Run Park. And a great way to #KnowYourFarmerKnowYourFood. Keep on the look-out for more details to come.

After a year of so many losses, bad weather, and illnesses, some days we forget to acknowledge all the great things that are taking place around us. But even if we don't say, we are always immensely thankful for the support and love in our community that helps bring about all the great progress we see!! Thanks for being a part of it all and we look forward to great things in the future!

WE'RE THANKFUL for how 4MRMarket acts as a business incubator: creating opportunities for start-ups and entrepreneurs to experiment with new and exciting business models. We hear from new businesses all the time, looking to start at 4MRMarket and we're proud to provide a place for them to strive to reach their dreams. It's exciting to see. We hope folks continue to check them out and give them a chance. Feedback is invaluable.

WE'RE THANKFUL to have been awarded an Alexandria Beautification Award along with our non-profit partner, the Four Mile Run Conservatory Foundation, for our combined ongoing efforts to contribute to park improvements.

We capped that by extending our tree planting efforts with the planting of Food Forest with the help of TD Bank & Tree Stewards volunteers and the Arbor Day Foundation for #TDTreeDays.

WE'RE THANKFUL for the support of Yoga @4MRMarket from both instructors and students alike. This month join instructor Julia Valentine for Sunday morning gentle yoga - ideal for beginners - and help raise funds for park improvements with the Four Mile Run Conservatory Foundation. (Bring your own mat & water bottle).

Suggested donation $10. RSVP to or just show up!
WE'RE THANKFUL for continued support of the 4MRMarket StageSince its inception, 4MRMarket has hosted the 4MR Concert Series, weekly performances featuring local artists that volunteer their time to bring you a little kick-start to your Sunday. Nearly every week, there will be an artist on stage from 10am to noon. They graciously accept tips and friendly applause, so please help support music at the market from these volunteer musicians. The concerts are free, but all our performers welcome tips and friendly applause for sharing their craft with you on a lovely Sunday morning. We'll also have our Spotify playlist of past 4MR Stage performers. Check it out!

WE'RE THANKFUL for Composting Sundays @4MRMarket.  Community Composting Collection takes place each and every Sunday at Four Mile Run Farmers & Artisans Market. In an effort initiated by the City of Alexandria and heartily support at 4MRMarket, residents can by bring non-animal food scraps in any type of container or purchase one on-site for a very low fee. 4MRMarket even supplies a water hose to rinse out your containers (if you help us water our container garden by emptying it out there. And ICYMI, along with the Four Mile Run Conservatory we've been supporting Compost Alex in their efforts to pilot community composting in Four Mile Run Park.

WE'RE THANKFUL for support of  Double Dollars. Since June 2010, 4MRMarket has been committed to bringing fresh, nutritious food to people of all income levels, provide an opportunity for local artisans and producers of goods to bring their wares to market, strive to reflect the diversity of the community, and improve the quality of life for Arlandria residents and visitors. With supporting
grants, 4MRMarket increases affordable access to fresh fruits and vegetables for SNAP consumers in Arlandria, while also supporting local agriculture. Every Sunday, 4MRMarket matches the first $10 of SNAP customers purchases with an additional $10 of tokens to be used exclusively for the purchases of fruits and vegetables. 4MRMarket provides an additional $10 of tokens to match SNAP customers next $10 of purchases, good for use with any SNAP-eligible product. In total, up to $20 in additional funds are available each Sunday to enable more folks to stretch the benefits and still “Buy Fresh, Buy Local”
And while in the THANKFUL mood, we're incredibly grateful for all of the support for the non-profit we founded, the Four Mile Run Conservatory Foundation. The 2018 annual report that your involvement enables valuable conservation work. In the past 6 months since then, efforts have included:
  • Removal of more than 1,500 pounds of litter, mostly lightweight plastic and styrofoam
  • Engaging at least 400 people at 28 public and volunteer events
  • Analysis of microplastic pollution by a summer student intern
  • Ongoing documentation of wildlife, including eight species of dragonflies
  • Planning for future park improvements
Whether you paddled out to collect litter from the stream, walked the park trails counting birds or bats, or donated money to provide equipment for volunteer work, you have made a difference at Four Mile Run. You can build on this momentum today:

Check back next week to see what's happening on Sundays in December!!
See below all the ways to help and participate in the market!

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VOLUNTEER. We love help with set-up and tear-down and/or processing SNAP/EBT and Credit / Debit Card sales.  Just find a Market Manager to ask to help, or email us at for more info.

FOLLOW. Keep up to date on all the goings on by following 4MRMarket on FacebookTwitterGoogle+Email or via our website and blog.

SPREAD THE WORD.  Please tell folks about us. And tell folks about some of the great things we're doing. For instance, all SNAP/EBT participants can take advantage of the Inova-sponsored "Double Dollar" program again this year that doubles the first $20 SNAP participants spend at the market. 4MRMarket is the first farmers’ market in Northern Virginia to accept SNAP. 

Buy Fresh Buy Local 4MRMarket products.
The Four Mile Run Farmers and Artisans Market (Alexandria, Virginia 22305) brings fresh, nutritious food to people of all income levels, provide an opportunity for local artisans and producers of goods to bring their wares to market, strive to reflect the diversity of the community, and improve the quality of life for Arlandria residents and visitors. It is part of an overall vision to expand and improve Four Mile Run park and the surrounding neighborhood.

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