Saturday, April 25, 2020

Rainy Sunday @4MRMarket

The Four Mile Run Farmers & Artisans Market (4MRMarket) will be open every Sunday from 9am until 1pm in Four Mile Run Park at 4109 Mt Vernon Avenue, Alexandria. (click here for directions)

4MRMarket is OPEN again this Sunday for pickup of pre-orders.
Park curbside for quick pick-up
The official word:
Effective immediately, all farmers’ markets in Alexandria shall operate in a capacity that allows food vendors to accommodate the pick-up of pre-ordered food items only. Vendors shall not set up any inventory for sale at the farmers’ market, as on-site shopping is not an option under the current order. In addition, in an effort to cut down on lines and wait times at the markets, we would encourage the pre-payment of orders, if possible. Finally, non-food vendors may not operate at the farmers’ markets.
Visit Alexandria will maintain and promote this list of farmers’ market vendors at
Additionally, we'll be increasing the distance between stalls to at least 10 feet between each vendor, actively discouraging lines at stalls, and ensuring customers who have picked up their orders do not congregate in the market and exit in a timely manner. 

Read below for info on how to contact our 4MRMarket vendor family.

Looking back:
4MRMarket has come a long way since Opening Day years ago!
The sudden market closures have left many vendors in the lurch, particularly those who had already prepared for this weekend with perishable goods. Read on about how you can help continue to support our 4MRMarket family.

Farmers Markets Are Essential: Our open-air markets are important and necessary food outlets for community members from all economic backgrounds across the DC metro area to purchase healthy, fresh, nutritious food.

Farmers Markets Allow You to Shop Direct: Shopping at our markets means that you can purchase fresh, nutritious food from as close to the source as possible.

Farmers Markets Support Our Region: Farmers markets are essential to the livelihood of farmers and food producers. Shopping at farmers markets means you are supporting your local economy, which is especially critical in this time of uncertainty.

Papa's Orchard from Ortanna, PA has been serving our community for over 3 decades. They can be reached via phone or text at 717.778.8316 or email at
They have a variety of products available. See the full list:
Papa’s Orchard Order Form.

Tom's Amish Cheese Shop is a local farmer's market legend. They have a variety of products available. See the full list:

Order deadline by Thursdays by 11am. Tom can be reached at: 717.327.0213 or 717.615.4713. Or by email at: AMISHCHEESE2003@FRONTIER.COM

PINKAVA Coffee Company is built upon bringing you incredibly roasted coffees and making a difference in the fight against breast cancer. Through thoughtful action and great coffee, together we can affect change. Craft roasters with a cause. Single origins, Half-caffs, Decafs, Fair-trade, Organic. 10% goes to breast cancer research. Reach them at: 301.288.3563, or at

Ana's Twist Ana was born in Ecuador and grew up in Quito where she learned her kitchen skills and love of cooking from her mother and grandmother. They are offering free home delivery, do not hesitate to call us 703.201.1824 or go to:

The Fermented Pig will deliver all of our delicious products right to your door. Order on our site, email us or text us your order. Pulled pork is a great dining at home choice. We are here for you., 571.283.1202 or

Savory 'n Sweet will do free delivery to your home with a day’s notice. Scones, apple pie pockets, sweet loaves, etc - all your market favorites. Minimum order of $15. Thank you for being supportive! Call 202.469.1840

Gordon's Greens. Microgreens and more. Call 703.850.2710

We're proud of how 4MRMarket acts as a business incubator: creating opportunities for start-ups and entrepreneurs to experiment with new and exciting business models. We hear from new businesses all the time, looking to start at 4MRMarket and we're proud to provide a place for them to strive to reach their dreams. It's exciting to see. We hope folks continue to check them out and give them a chance. Feedback is invaluable.

This year we're incredibly excited to get to know Sweet Twist of Ecuador as they have continued to extend their offerings: ice cream, empanadas and now Central American coffee. Ana arrived this year from Ecuador where she has a much-acclaimed shop in Quito. For now, just a well-kept secret, don't wait to catch them as we're sure they'll soon become as popular as back home. Check out this video from Ecuadorian TV (one of many)!

And we're incredibly proud to announce that we've been awarded an Alexandria Beautification Award along with our non-profit partner, the Four Mile Run Conservatory Foundation, for our combined ongoing efforts to contribute to park improvements. We capped that off this week by extending our tree planting efforts with the planting of Food Forest with the help of TD Bank & Tree Stewards volunteers and the Arbor Day Foundation for #TDTreeDays.

As a 100% neighborhood volunteer run market, we are proud that 4MRMarket serves as an incubator for small start-up businesses, a space for non-profits to promote their causes, and a community gathering place for live music, fellowship, and quality food and craft options. We're happy to announce the new vendors approach us almost every day. We love hosting new businesses and watching them grow. And we've been there through their ups & downs.

Composting Sundays @4MRMarket

Community Compost collection has been suspended indefinitely by the City of Alexandria. 

4MR Walks & Cleanups
The Four Mile Run Conservatory has added events to the calendar for 2019. Land-based clean-ups will focus on some areas that are more accessible when the vegetation is dormant, and on locations where we can get to larger items, such as shopping carts, at low tide.

Two new volunteer kayak clean-up opportunities are scheduled through October, with more to be added in the Fall. Please consider joining us. It's fun and rewarding.

Join us for our November outing in Four Mile Run Park, as we look for migrating hawks and other wild residents of the natural areas of the park. Binoculars/field guides optional, but a sense of wonder & curiosity, as well as warm outerwear, are essential!

Meet at the Four Mile Run Farmers & Artisans Market.
RSVP here or at:

Please consider donating to help fund park improvements:

Upcoming dates:
Register for these events to offer your help.

    Specific details are available to those who register at the link above. For more upcoming events, walks and cleanups with the Four Mile Run Conservatory, check out their website and at:

    For the current list of revolving vendors this season at 4MRMarket, see our vendor page on our website: Meet our Vendors


    More ways to support 4MRMarket:

    DONATE. Help 4MRMarket help 4MRPark. Tax-deductible donations can be made to support us in our efforts to revitalize Four Mile Run Park. Donate to our partner the Four Mile Run Conservatory Foundation to fund tree plantings, clean-ups, water stations and other amenities at 4MRExpand or throughout the park.

    VOLUNTEER. We love help with set-up and tear-down and/or helping folks shop using SNAP or Credit/Debit cards. Just find a Market Manager to ask to help, or email us at for more info.

    FOLLOW. Keep up to date on all the goings on by following 4MRMarket on FacebookTwitterInstagramGoogle+Email or via our website and blog.

    SPREAD THE WORD.  Please tell folks about us. And tell folks about some of the great things we're doing. For instance, all SNAP participants can take advantage of the Inova-sponsored "Double Dollar" program again this year that doubles the first $20 SNAP participants spend. An extra $20!! 4MRMarket is proud to have been the first farmers’ market in Northern Virginia to accept SNAP.

    Buy Fresh Buy Local 4MRMarket products.
    The Four Mile Run Farmers and Artisans Market (Alexandria, Virginia 22305) brings fresh, nutritious food to people of all income levels, provide an opportunity for local artisans and producers of goods to bring their wares to market, strive to reflect the diversity of the community, and improve the quality of life for Arlandria residents and visitors. It is part of an overall vision to expand and improve Four Mile Run park and the surrounding neighborhood.

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