Meet our Vendors


Our lineup for 2019 has been growing. Look for changes throughout the year as new vendors join us. 

Here are the vendors so far from the 2019 season: 

Food Vendors

  • New at 4MRMarketFoggy Mountain Pasta (Alexandria, VA) is an expression of our greatest hope for food: to bring happiness to a home by the sharing of food that is comforting to the mind, soul, and heart to all while also fostering a local community that is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable.
  • Harmony Hill Farm (Shenandoah Junction, WV), purveyors of beef, pork & lamb from West Virginia. 
  • Papa's Market (Ortanna, PA) - Apples, Apples, apple products (such as cider and spreads), crafts and a lot more!
  • Baked by Yael (Washington, DC) - Enjoy hand-rolled, boiled bagels and cream cheese from this nut-free & kosher bakery.  Baked by Yael also makes award-winning cake-pops, cookie bars, raspberry bars, black & white cookies, and rugelach, including gluten-free and vegan options!  You can also find hot coffee at Baked by Yael's booth at the market.
  • Lopez Farm (Warsaw, VA). Lopez Farm is a small, family farm in the Northern Neck of Virginia. Their wide variety of fruits and vegetables include potatoes, tomatoes, greens, squash, eggplant, onions, peaches, raspberries, blueberries, and eggs.
  • Savory 'N Sweet (Alexandria) - Your local Bulgarian baker! Maker of Savory and Sweet Breads, Breakfast Pastries, Fruit Pies, Breadsticks, and Granola. 
  • Captain Xans (Alexandria and Bristol Bay, AK) - Wild caught Alaskan salmon straight from the nets to your table from "the most sustainable fishery on earth!" Flash frozen and never thawed for firmness and taste 
  • Switch Doctor (Alexandria) - Their switchel is crafted from the traditional hay maker's recipe of ginger, apple cider vinegar and pure Vermont maple syrup. They add other natural ingredients like green tea, turmeric and fresh squeezed lemon juice! 
  • Tom's Amish Cheese Store (Lancaster, PA) - Artisan Cheese, yogurt and Pennsylvania honey. 
  • Sweet Twist of Ecuador (Franconia, VA) - This husband and wife team opened their first store in 2012 in Ecuador as Dulce Placer Heladeria by Ana Garcia. They created more than 600 flavors and love to prepare rare and exotic combinations. Their main ingredients being love, care, and passion. 
  • The Fermented Pig (Dunn Loring, VA) - Nell, Winnie, and Josh are pleased to bring handcrafted products to market. They have a weekly selection of handcrafted and smoked bacons available all year round! Their curing process and our handcrafted rubs offer an endless variety of exciting flavors ranging from sweet to spicy to savory handcrafted kombucha, bacon, and charcuterie.
  • PINKAVA Coffee Company (Capitol Heights, MD) - Built upon bringing you incredibly roasted coffees and making a difference in the fight against breast cancer. Through thoughtful action and great coffee, together we can affect change. Craft roasters with a cause. Single origins, Half-caffs, Decafs, Fair-trade, Organic. 10% goes to breast cancer research.
Sweet Twist of Ecuador

4MRMarket Alumni

We're proud of how 4MRMarket acts as a business incubator: creating opportunities for start-ups and entrepreneurs to experiment with new and exciting business models. 

We hear from new businesses all the time, looking to start at 4MRMarket and we're proud to have provided a place for them to strive to reach their dreams. It's exciting to see. Some folks move on to other things for a variety of reasons, but they're forever our good friends. We hope folks continue to check them out and give them a chance. Feedback is invaluable.

Here are some folks who have been at 4MRMarket in the recent past.

  • The Pretentious Gourmet (Occaquan, VA) is a local bakery specializing in fresh and unique cookies, selling at local farmers markets and offer home delivery. Find us at these markets:
  • Bigg Rigg Farm (Hampshire County, WV) - Some fruits & vegetables come from as far away as Mexico and even China, With Bigg Riggs, you can be guaranteed that what you're eating is grown nearby in and hand pick high in the mountains. A fifth-generation family farm. 
  • Montoya's Farm (King George, VA) - Northern Neck farmers specializing in Latin ingredients and many varieties of popular produce. 
  • C&T Produce - (White Oak, VA) Family farmers that brings a huge bounty of fresh produce each week. Look out for the 4 big tents full of nature's goodies.
  • She Peppers (Alexandria) - Backyard gardeners who have turned the peppers and herbs that we grow into delicious and unique spice blends and hot sauces. She Peppers also sells a variety of spices, gourmet salts, as well as seeds and seedlings of the various types of peppers and herbs for patrons. They specialize in hard to find peppers such as Carolina Reapers, Scorpion peppers, Ghost peppers, Shishitos, Padron, Thai peppers, and Scotch Bonnets to name a few. 
  • Whole Health (Alexandria) - Organic teas, potpourris, and body scrubs from one of the largest Message and Acupuncture Therapy businesses in Northern Virginia. 
  • Bagel Uprising (Del Ray) - Bagel Uprising offers authentic handmade bagels—boiled and baked in small batches—that will satisfy your craving for the real thing. 
  • Just a Bite (Annandale, VA) - Offering delicious, bit-sized treats such as alfajores, cuñapés, marshmallow rice puffs and sugar cookies. 
  • Second Rising Bakery (Alexandria) - Rebecca bakes delicious breads and cookies that are egg free and made with real butter, honey, and whole grains. Once this new business is up and running, it will help provide women that have been victimized by the sex trade a second chance. 
  • No. 1 Sons (Arlandria) - Produces wild cultured foods by hand in Alexandria. This brother and sister team live in Arlandria and do not heat treat or use preservatives. They make pickles, sauerkraut, dilly beans, kim chi, beets, hot sauce and more that is "Proudly Cloudy". 
  • Cookie Couture (Alexandria, VA) - Cookie Couture specializes in styling a variety of delicious gourmet cookie offerings. Their passion for creating delectable cookies to tempt your taste buds and satisfy your sweet tooth is at the heart of Cookie Couture.
  • Just a Bite (Annandale, VA) - Just A Bite likes to emphasize the humble snack, the one that speaks for itself upon first taste, knowing all too well that even then a nibble or two just won’t do. 
  • Role Tea (Springfield, VA ) - Good for you drinks don't have to taste bad. Every bottle of Role Tea includes 400mg of either turmeric or cinnamon extract to help you fight inflammation without compromising taste. With a better for you beverage that tastes THIS good, there really is no reason to drink regular teas, juices or soda.
  • Mechelle's Baking Company (Fredericksburg, VA) - A family-owned small business specializing in baking amazing, homemade pies with your sweetest indulgences in mind. Their delicious line of signature desserts includes sweet potato pie, apple pie, pecan pie, & blackberry pie to melt over. 
  • Dmitri Olive Oil (Baltimore, MD) - A family that grows and harvests their own unfiltered first cold press extra-virgin olive oil and prepares oils infused with garlic, lemon & chili, as well as 10 different marinades.
  • RICHbars (Alexandria, VA) - A local company that creates raw confections from natural, nutritional, flavorful, raw ingredients – rich ingredients. While energy, granola, protein, etc. bars and bites filling shelves of supermarkets do not surprise anyone, their goal is to skip packaging step. They want to have direct communication with customers without intermediaries, believing that raw bars, bites, balls and cakes are better and RICHer, when they are fresh.
  • Dolci Gelati (Washington, DC & Alexandria, VA) - Dolci Gelati, an artisan gelato company, was started in Washington DC in 2006 by pastry chef Gianluigi Dellaccio. Dolci Gelati offers many great varieties of gelato with a consistent level of quality that can only be achieved with artisan precision. The process starts every morning with deliveries from local dairy farms and includes handpicked fruits, fine chocolate which Chef Gianluigi imports from a small sustainable farm in Ecuador and tempers himself, and other fresh, rare ingredients.
And the talented Crafters:

  • Athena Styles (Alexandria, VA) - A trendsetting Online Fashion Designer Shop, offering first-rate products and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes; a business made up of innovators and forward-thinkers, with the drive and wherewithal to constantly update and improve. 
  • Raynes Natural Beauty, LLC (Alexandria, VA) - Founded in a Alexandria loft in 2016 , Raynes Natural Beauty is an organic beauty product firm focused on providing healthy skin care, candles plus bath and body products. Completely free of all harmful toxins, Raynes Natural Beauty is a healthy and pure line of nourishing personal care items made only with the highest quality ingredients. 100% natural and 100% cruelty-free, all products are completely, 100% free of artificial colors, synthetic chemical preservatives and all other toxins. 
  • C&A Soy Candles (Alexandria, VA) - Specializes in all natural, hand poured soy woodwick candles. Custom orders welcome! 
  • Whitney's World in Kenya (Fairfax, VA) - Offering a collection of fair trade handmade woven baskets & jewelry from Kenyan families. Occasional Vendor. 
  • Felicity's Handcrafted Soaps (Alexandria) - Specialty crafter of all-natural hand-made soaps and knitted items.
  • Nurture Designs (Alexandria) - Local jewelry artisan
  • Jimmy Potter's Studio & Workshop (Fairfax, VA) -  A locally owned ceramics studio, creating handmade and functional ceramics for everyday use.
  • Beyond Woodwork - Offers an amazing selection of collapsible baskets. Each item is beautifully and intricately hand carved.
  • Maxine's Mixes (Arlington, VA) - Soap & candles. 
  • Franklyn Woodcraft (Arlington, VA) - Franklyn Torres Santos has always had a love for trees and working with his hands. Growing up in the Dominican Republic, he worked for an eco-tour company and shared his passion for nature as a guide on waterfall jumping tours in the mountains. When not enjoying the great outdoors, he can frequently be found at TechShop crafting wood into beautiful useful pieces of art. Franklyn prefers to use locally harvested wood whenever possible. He sources much of it through Local Hardwood in Berryville, VA.
  • Michael Farnham (Alexandria, VA) - former naval officer with a life-long interest in photographer and an "appreciation for the undiscovered beauty that still exists in the world"
  • Stokes and Company (Lorton, VA) - Oils, T-shirts & Incense.
  • Ooh La Lucy (Springfield, VA) - Ooh La Lucy purses, and other wares, are handmade and one of a kind. Each item is made with a variety of textures combined with striking colors and patterns to create a unique and interesting statement piece. Meticulously crafted with personality and flare, your new acquisition is sure to make you feel “ooh La Lovely.
  • FireRefined (Alexandria, VA) - Handmade Home Decor, Signs, and Furniture by Spiros and Vijil Mavronas.