Papa's Market

Papa's Orchard from Ortanna, PA has been serving our community for over 3 decades. They can be reached via phone or text at 717.778.8316 or be email at:

he following is a list of products available for this week. Prices listed where available and the same as we always charge.

Apples: Standard quantity mixed 5 apples for 6.00; ten for 10.00 and as noted below. 1/2 bushel available; request price

Ever crisp (Adams County PA or Thurmont MD) 5 for 7
Honey Crisp (Canada) 5 for 8
Kiku (New variety, Fuji sport but sweeter with nice crunch; Adams Co PA) 5 for 7
Fuji Adams Co Pa 5 for 6
Golden delicious (Adams Co PA) 5 for 6
Gold rush; ripening nicely right now! (Adams Co PA) 5 for 6
Pink lady (Adams Co PA) 5 for 6
Mutsu (Westminster MD) 5 for 6)
Apple Seconds: 12 for 5 or what deal we usually have for the regulars!

Pears: Our renowned winter pears from the best grower of Hood River Valley Oregon:

4 for 5 or 5 for six:

Bosc (getting to the end)

Asian Pears 9 getting to the end, have been superb this winter)
2 for 5

Papa’s Famous Fresh Citrus: California except where noted:

Blood orange 4 for 5
Cara cara 4 for 5
Medium navel 1 each
Large navel 3 for 5
Minneola Tangelos (peak right now) 5 for 5
Florida Grapefruit 3 for 5
Meyer lemon 1 each
Regular lemon 2 for dollar
Limes 2 for dollar
Pomelo fruit large 3 each
Israeli “Holy Land” Orri mandarins 4 for 5 (fantastic)

Greens & Organic Veggies: All certified Organic From the farm Aaron & Emma Stoltzfus in the heart of Pennsylvania Amish Country. The Best!

Swiss chard 3 bunch
Kale 3 bunch
Bag mixed lettuce 5
Bag spinach 5
Scallions 3 bunch
Red Beets 5 quart box 3 pint
Excellent Red Cabbage 2 small head 4 large
Excellent Green Cabbage 3 head
Organic orange carrots 5 box
Organic parsnips 5 box
Chieftain (heirloom variety) Red organic potato 5 box
Sweet potatoes organic 2.50 pound

Other Veggies & Potatoes:

Our Next door Neighbor Danny Hall’s famous Eva Potatoes, (Orrtanna PA) These are the best we have ever tasted! 5 large quart box; larger quantities available cheaper
Sweet Onions ( Fresh Georgia) 3
Large yellow onions 3 each; 2 for 5
Butternut (Florida)squash 4 medium 5 large 
Spaghetti squash (Florida)4 medium 6 large
Sweet Chili Peppers (organic, California) 4 pint; 7 quart
Broccoli Crowns 5 box

Florida  strawberry 7 quart
Florida blueberry 4 pint
Baby Thompson seedless grapes 5 box
Avocado Mexico) 3

Applesauce, Fresh & Jarred; Cider & related:
Made weekly by David; “A New Old Town Tradition”!

Papa’s Fresh apple-pear sauce! Farm: 5 small 8 large
Papa’s Fresh All Bosc Pear Sauce: 7
Papa’s Fresh Made Citrus Salad no grapefruit: 6 regular 11 for 16 Ounce
Papa’s Fresh Made Citrus Salad With Grapefruit & Pomelo: 6 regular 11 16 ounce

Canned for Us y our Neighbor & Friend Rick Kimes, Bear Mountain, Adams County  PA
Our and our Neighbor’s Fruit:

Jar: Honey Crisp Apple Sauce (no sugar Added) 6
Jar: Mixed Adams County Apple sauce, no sugar with spice applesauce with spice 5
Rick Kimes best in the world canned peaches, not to be missed!  6
Apple butter no sugar with spice 6
Apple butter no sugar 6

No Preservatives mixed Apple Cider 3 quart 6 ½ gallon.  Fresh batch every week

Honey: From Our Adam’s County Pennsylvania Neighbor ; Raw and local; Top Quality at a great Price

Wild Flower
1 pound 9.00
2 pound 17
5 pound 35
1 pound Wild flower comb in 15
1 pound Creamed 14


From our good Friend John Wood, one of the area’s finest pasta chefs, recently unemployed by the Coronavirus Crises. Made from freshly ground flour & organic farm-raised eggs, all the best ingredients. Packages are serving for two.

Rigatoni 10
Creste de gallo 10
Fettuccini 10

Ravioli with Black Truffle ricotta 12